Platforms – The Exhibition

Hey there, So yesterday Platform -Classes at College- had our mid-year exhibition. We got to hold it at The Custard Factory – – I think it was a huge success… We had a week to organise it and put it up, I think everyone did a pretty good job! Here’s a picture of the […]


So this is a quick poem I wrote the other day – People were saying that i looked quite at peace and calm which was most certainly not the case so I just decided to write this…. It’s nothing special but tell me what you think:) Calm…   It’s a word, also an emotion Never […]

…The Return Of Kandii….

WOW it’s been quite a while since i’ve been on here! Firstly, I am SOOOOO Sorry! 2nd… HAPPYSABBATHHHHH! Hehe, I hope you have all been alrite, and life is going good!? So much has happened but I shall leave that for another time. I think this time around, i’m going to be posting a few […]

What I Wore Today… #Church

What I Wore Today... #Church

Hey beautiful people of the world 🙂
Hope your having a good day or had a good day wherever you are…..

This is what I wore today to church, I wanted to take a picture in the daylight but I didn’t have time so I hope this is good enough?
Purple Maxi Dress – New Look – Don’t know the price because its a pretty old dress. In-fact it isn’t even mine someone gave it to me because they didn’t wear it, it’s actually a size 18 I just wrapped the tie around my back and to the front and did a tight bow so it would stay up 🙂 You could wear just a plain maxi dress for this as well, its not a fussy outfit to be honest 🙂 You could even wear it to college if you got a backpack and some flats to go with it 🙂 It’s a flexible outfit…
Diff. Shades of Blue Shoes- Dorothy Perkins – £10 (saleprice – originally £40)
Blouse/Jacket – Oasis…
Hairband – Off a Dress, but you could use any band that is black, brown, blue, pink or purple…
Hair – Used a donut you can usually find them for about £1, or you can just put your hair in a pony and then just wrap it round and round 🙂
So let me know what you think of my style for the day 🙂
Have a bless night!
-Peace, Love & Kandiiness
…the girl on a mission…