So the names Kandace, but most people call me Kandii 🙂

Fashion is my passion, Photography is my weak spot and Music is most definitively my life!

I was born in 1997,

Born in Birmingham England, but my mum is from Guyana and both my dads parents are from St Kitts 🙂

Im an SDA which is a Seventh Day Adventist, so God is more first and foremost! I owe him my life for not only did he die for me but he has literally saved my life and performed miracles more than once! To him i am ever grateful for ALL he has done for me<3

My Mummy and Daddy are my rocks, well next to God…

I love them with my WHOLE heart, they have done SO much for me in my short lifetime so far that i can not even think of a way that i can possible repay them, they are literally Heaven sent ❤ So much love for them that its actually unreal, like woaaaah, they are just AMAZING so many other things as well, but amazing id definitively up there!<3

Music is definitively a big part in my life… It isnt just a beat, or some old lyrics, or some next kind of instruments they are a life and they tell a story, and some of those stories have helped me, kept me together, educated me and encouraged me! I know people say this a lot but i really dont know what i would do if i didnt have music!

WOW this really is becoming an essay… Well, there is a lot more inside of me but i guess you will see whats in my book the more i post and the more you look. So i just wanted to say thank you, for taking your time out to read this and hopefully you will enjoy hearing what i have to say, about Fashion, my life experience and much more! I will also love to hear your feedback so please tell me what you think… Anyway this is me, and im out!

Love, Peace & Mindlessness

– Kandii


…the girl on a mission…


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