Winter Wonderland

Okay so I’m backkkk…

Firstly I know this is REALLY late but Happy New Yearrr! Hope you guys had an awesome one! 

I seem to be saying this  A LOT on here but I am SOOOOO sorry,

It seems that every time I come on here I then disappear for months! To be honest I don’t really have an excuse but I really will try this time come on at least twice a month….


Anywho I got a camera for Christmas *Happy Dances* So i’ve been taking quite a lot more photographs so i’m going to be posting more pictures, also I think i;m going to start posting some of my art work up.. well the pieces I like anyways, lol….


Lets start with this… Hope you like it:)




Hope the rest of your week is bless,

– Peace, Love & Kandiiness




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