So this is a quick poem I wrote the other day – People were saying that i looked quite at peace and calm which was most certainly not the case so I just decided to write this…. It’s nothing special but tell me what you think:)



It’s a word, also an emotion

Never be disturbed, that’s a motion

Sometimes it’s a mas, for destruction

Or maybe its the truth with no disruptions


Calm on the outside

Angry with in

Calm on the outside 

Loud with in

Calm on the outside

Are you really calm with in?


Calmness – a stillness, peace within

Calmness – an emotion some people dream

Calmness – internal battle we want it to win

Calmness – a thing, not everyone has the privilege to experience the feeling



Thats it for now, 

– Peace, Love & Kandiiness






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