…The Return Of Kandii….

WOW it’s been quite a while since i’ve been on here! Firstly, I am SOOOOO Sorry! 2nd… HAPPYSABBATHHHHH! Hehe, I hope you have all been alrite, and life is going good!? So much has happened but I shall leave that for another time. I think this time around, i’m going to be posting a few more photographs and work from college not just my sets. It will be a bit more personal this time 🙂 Plus I have recently decided to grow my hair out so I will post every now ‘n’ then how i’m getting along and all that jazz… But right now I think i’m just going to post, little things that i’ve been getting up to, and then fingers crossed I will be able to post once a week? Maybe more? I’m not sure, but this time hopefully I won’t be away for as long!

Peace, Love & Kandiiness

– TheGirlOnAMission –




So this was the other week…. I was on the way back from my nans and i loved the sunset so i decided to snap it on my phone…. It’s not that good quality but im looking for a camera to carry around for Christmas anywhoooo…. Enjoy, the sunset, the rest or your night & the weekend!

– Peace, Love & Kandiiness




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