The New Chic…

The New Chic...
Hey Y’all,
So this is kind of like ‘RebelWear’ but i just wanted to show a different way/style of wearing some of the items but still being Rock Chic…
So we’ve already spoken about the jacket, and the hats so no more needs to be said except PLEASE dont do up the jacket when wearing this it really will spoil the detail, and that really wouldnt be #kandicool, lol…
Okay so the top… I’ve seen this style around a lot lately this past season, i quite like it but you have to wear it with the right things, well it depends on the drop on the back 🙂 So in this set i paired it with some leather leggings, which give give it the rock look when put with boots… Same as the leggings as with the top, you have to wear it with the write things you cant wear it with anything and everything! You have to be very careful because sometimes they can just look tacky like say you just came out of a strippers club and personally i wouldnt want to be looking like that for when im going to college, or out with my friends…. So i suggest something that would cover your bottom, the top doesnt have to be long but you would have to wear a jacket/shirt or cardigan that is… i will put some links up as an example at the bottom.
Shoes: Lord only knows how much i want a real pair of Dr. Martens! And here’s one of the pairs i would get yes they are plain but less is more and plus it would go with a lot of things, like tutus 😉 skinny jeans, mini skirts, and as you can see here leather leggings! Hehe… I’m sure i’ve already said that i’ve got some boots like this in black? If not well i do, you can get them from anywhere for example New Look, i fond them for £18 in there 😀 So don’t think you have to pay the big bucks, but i’m saving up for some 🙂
Again we have some platform booties, there are SO many different types of these its unreal! I’m pretty sure if i could i would have a whole wardrobe of them, aha! Although on a serious level they really are a good investment, I would seriously advise you to get a pair!
So as always, hit me up cause i would really like to know what you think! 🙂
Have a bless night!
– Peace, Love & Kandiiness

River Island black jacket
$96 –

River island
$24 –

River Island leather pants
$56 –

Jeffrey Campbell platform boots
$280 –

Dr. Martens patent boots
$145 –

River Island leopard hat
$21 –

H m
$13 –
So here is the example….
with… its pretty simple but it would go….
and this over it…–shirts/shirts/mid-wash-denim-shirt-626473 … it would have to be open though with the very top button done up, well if you had the top underneath… to be honest it would actually look good buttoned up to the top with a black bowtie! 🙂
Let me know what you think of this also 🙂
– Peace, Love & Kandiiness
… the girl on a mission….

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