TuTu Loving…

TuTu Loving...
Ahhhh, i LOVE tutu’s they are like my new obsession… i’ve used one in a previous set but i really like this one! Its quite a subtle and calm colour but it suits this outfit well…
Again i have a backback up in here, hehe… Yall know my love for backpacks so i dont have to say anything 🙂
Now this clutch is NOICE! I love the block colours and then the black and white aztec flap, its just pure awesomeness – im feeling to go out and buy myself one, would you?
Blazer: So i like striped blazers but i’ve only got one, its red and white but its not as oversized as this one…. I’ve figured that im starting to develop a real liking for all things oversized, aha! Okay, so this one goes quite well with this tutu, it wouldnt swamp the tutu so you dont have to worry about that, but it you going to go out and buy one i would suggest that you dont go too big! Just be careful, by the way just if you were wondering i suggest that you wear this open, and not button it up, it would ruin the look….
Tee: So This is a pretty basic printed tee, as i’ve said before you can get them anywhere so dont think you have to spend you big moneys. You can also almost wear it with anything too, heres a basic example: Boot leg jeans, the tee, plain blazer preferable white if you were going with this tee heres a link for one–>  http://www.zara.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product/uk/en/zara-W2012/269184/875503/BASIC%20BLAZER …  And you could wear it with flats or heels, and a cute clutch would go well with it 🙂
Shoes: I’ve used boots like this in other sets and as you can see this style is a favourite of mine… I just need to get enough money to buy myself some, lol… but seriously as you can see these boots go with nearly everything!! So dont be worried to experiment with them, be different 🙂
So i would really like to know what yall think, so hit me up 🙂

Have a bless day!
– Peace, Love & Kandiiness
… the girl on a mission…

Scotch Soda printed tank top
$45 – scotch-soda.com

Miss Selfridge tutu skirt

Platform booties

Juicy couture backpack

Geek Chic Frames
$10 – claires.com


2 thoughts on “TuTu Loving…

    • Ahh okay, I used to do ballet, but not for long I did enjoy it though 🙂 Yes! A good vintage leather jacket would go well with it as well 🙂 Thank you hun! I love it too, its different but its not too crazy, its a perfect fit 😀 ❤

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