Hey Loves…So …

Hey Loves…

So this is going to be a poem, I didn’t actually write it myself my cousin did, but she wrote it for me…

I REALLY like this poem and I wondered what y’all think, to be honest it describes exactly how I feel right about now 🙂 So let me know how you feel about it and I shall put her link for her blog up later because right now its under construction.:) By the way the cousin i’m talking about is Phe shes in my About me page 🙂 



I Just Wanna Be Me…

Too fat, too thin
Too dark, too light
Will I ever be perfect 
In somebody’s sight?

Constantly forced to think
I’ve got to look a certain way
Wear this dress, buy those shoes
There’s something different everyday

Everywhere I look
There’s perfection in front of my eyes
Beyonce, rihanna, kelly rowland and all
Its hard to look like them, trust me I’ve tried

I don’t always wanna be fighting
For the world to see
Everything I have to offer
I just wanna be me


I’m intelligent, sensitive and special
With a heart made of gold
Now you can’t say that you didn’t know
Because you’ve just been told

I’m destined for great things
I’m going very far in life
But I’m not gonna get there
Without hardwork, toil and strife


Snap back into reality
Nobody thinks these things
You just don’t fit in here
That’s what my heart sings

Gotta change, gotta change,
Gotta be like everyone else
No, my brain screams
Just be yourself

Is there something wrong with me
Am I okay the way that I am
If you have a problem with me
Then I’m asking you to raise your hand

I’m not asking for a lot
I just want the world to see
That deep down I don’t wanna conform
I,I… Well… I just wanna be me 🙂


So what do you guys think?

Have a bless night!

– Peace, Love & Kandiiness


… the girl on a mission…


2 thoughts on “Hey Loves…So …

  1. Self-expression is one of the highest forms of freedom. I don\’t worry about those who are seeking their own pathway because the chances are they will find it. It may take time to decipher what\’s out there that you like or don\’t like, but ultimately, you\’ll design your own flavour, which may only be to your taste. But you will love it.

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