What I Wore Today… Except this was for Monday 3rd -Oops…

What I Wore Today... Except this was for Monday 3rd -Oops...

Heyyyy, so this is what i wore on monday, it was a maxi skirt that i pined up, a collared shirt from Primark, a thin red belt that came with another dress, also an old oversized red zip-up jacket from Gap… For Accessories i wore a braclet with an attached ring i forgot the name of them, but the one i wore had these spikes on 🙂 Footwear: I wore converse like shoes from New Look, i brought some studs from the market and studded them myself though im sure i’ve told you this before? As you can see i also wore some thick cream socks, these are knee high socks and they have little bows on the side, i brought these from forever 21 🙂

Here are all the links, enjoy:

http://www.newlook.com/shop/shoe-gallery/view-all-shoes/black-sport-casual-shoe_241085301 <– but hi-tops

Primark doesnt sell clothes online so i cant give you the link or that, sorry….

Seen as the jacket/jumper is old i cant give you a link for that either but any will do 🙂

Studs as i said market or you can find them on ebay, etsy, amazon anywhere like that 🙂

http://www.forever21.com/UK/Product/Product.aspx?BR=f21&Category=acc_legwear_socks&ProductID=2002930136&VariantID= <– these are the socks they just dont have the bow on them, but they are the same price 🙂 you just have to look for them in store, or you could get creative and buy ribbon from the market -it wont cost you at all- and then sew it on 🙂

So what do you guys think?
Let me know…. Have a bless night! 🙂

Peace, Love & Kandiiness
…the girl on a mission…


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