Okay, so im not encouraging you to be a rebel, so dont get angry at me, but its good to have a bit of edge in your life….
This again is a simple outfit, and you can get most of these items pretty cheaply! 🙂
The tutu i’ve already spoken about so not much needed to say about that…
The glasses: Now i need to wear glasses to protect my eyes from this accident but i have to make sure they are fashionable, and recently geek glasses have become very trendy! Now this style of glasses suit me anyway, like that is the style i automatically go for but they are quite universal in the fact that they suit almost anybody so don’t be worried about buying a pair! Also because they have become so popular you can find them anywhere so you dont always have to go for the expensive option 🙂
Converses: I personally really like converses, except for when there is a sudden weather change and it starts raining, haha… No, seriously they are a good pair of shoes to have and they do last long, i have a pair myself, they are a bit worn out now had them for quite a few years and they are different they arnt normal, and well that me so yeah, they did cost me like $100 but that was only like £70 😛 I did save up for them though and they were worth it, so i would treat yourself to some, don’t always go for the plain option (will post a pic at the bottom excuse the wear)…
Top: So this tee is cool, but again you can find one anywhere printed tees are a must in my eyes they literally go with anything but a ball gown, haha… You can also buy one for as cheap as £3 you just have to look in the right places 🙂 All the highstreet shops have one but you do have to search properly dont just go for one because of the name 🙂
Jacket: Leather jackets are the ONE! say no more…..


Lol, nope… but you can even wear it when its warm, well not like the equator warm but you know what i mean! I have a vintage one i brought at this sale inside a museum type place it was £15 and it was one of the best 15 pounds i’ve ever spent! seriously i can wear this anywhereeeeeee! Even to church! I’m not going to lie it is one of my favorite items -pic below-
So tell me what you think…?
This is it for now, i shall tap in later today…
Sweet Dreams<3

Peace, Love & Kandiiness

…the girl on a mission…

okay, so i’ve already posted this pic, but this is the jacket its not really fitted but its got a great shape, and i love the smell<3 hehe

Okay i cant find a pic of my converses, but i will take one later and upload it onto this post, so for now…
Peace, Love & Kandiness
…the girl on a mission…
T shirt
River Island black jacket
$95 –
Converse high top trainers
$79 –
River Island pom pom beanie hat
$21 –
H M brimmed hat
$13 –
Geek Chic Frames
$10 –
Girl’s black tutu skirt
$11 –


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