Heyyyyy-ahhhhhhh Hey ahhhh 😀

LOL, so how you doing?

I found this notebook i lost a while ago and i found this poem in here, tell me what you think?

Here goes….(Lord knows what its called so you choose a title, lol)

– So i’m finally getting back on my feet

trying not to let my mistakes be on repeat

But my feet are taking steps, but not knowing where to go

I just wish someone would show me this road

My heart says I can make it

My mind says be real

My feet are taking me places

But then I think is this worth all the ordeal?

My friends, they take it easy

They say i’m uptight, I reply with:

I just want to make it, is that not so right?

So I guess I will take it slow

But I need to be on this road

But which way to go? The Lord only knows

So lead and I will follow

I’ve just get to get to the end of the road…

So that’s it, what do you guys think? Oh and btw this is the picture I took, its the view from the top of a hill that’s at the top of my road, tell me what you think of that too 🙂

So I will post again in a bit but till then….

Peace, Love and Kandiiness


…the girl on a mission…


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