What I Wore Today… #Church

What I Wore Today... #Church

Hey beautiful people of the world 🙂
Hope your having a good day or had a good day wherever you are…..

This is what I wore today to church, I wanted to take a picture in the daylight but I didn’t have time so I hope this is good enough?
Purple Maxi Dress – New Look – Don’t know the price because its a pretty old dress. In-fact it isn’t even mine someone gave it to me because they didn’t wear it, it’s actually a size 18 I just wrapped the tie around my back and to the front and did a tight bow so it would stay up 🙂 You could wear just a plain maxi dress for this as well, its not a fussy outfit to be honest 🙂 You could even wear it to college if you got a backpack and some flats to go with it 🙂 It’s a flexible outfit…
Diff. Shades of Blue Shoes- Dorothy Perkins – £10 (saleprice – originally £40)
Blouse/Jacket – Oasis…
Hairband – Off a Dress, but you could use any band that is black, brown, blue, pink or purple…
Hair – Used a donut you can usually find them for about £1, or you can just put your hair in a pony and then just wrap it round and round 🙂
So let me know what you think of my style for the day 🙂
Have a bless night!
-Peace, Love & Kandiiness
…the girl on a mission…



Hey Lovesss, So recently I have been posting sets but no commentary to go with it, that’s purely because I don’t have any time in the week anymore 😦 However, what I think i’m going to do is; sets & photographs in the week and then what I think and other options on Sunday, it […]


ChurchWear…#2 by kandiimission featuring river island River island $32 – riverisland.com Gareth Pugh leather jacket thecorner.com Wedge shoes boohoo.com Jane Norman high heels $56 – janenorman.co.uk Jane norman $24 – janenorman.co.uk Kate spade katespade.com Dorothy perkin dorothyperkins.com River island $9.65 – riverisland.com

Hey Guys!Hope y…

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Army.com – LondonStyle…

Army.com – LondonStyle… by kandiimission featuring hi top shoes Valentino spaghetti strap tank top $385 – farfetch.com Military style jacket topshop.com Skinny leg jeans allyfashion.com Miss Selfridge hi top shoes missselfridge.com (UK) Vintage London Eye Postcard $2.73 – zazzle.co.uk Skull Candy Hesh Headphones $97 – republic.co.uk

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Frank Ocean – Thinkin’ Bout You (Cover)


What up World?
So this is a video of my girl Kadijah and her cousin Kala singing Thinkin’ Bout You! It’s really good, if you want to skip the talking and all the jazz at the beginning then you can skip to about 0.29 🙂
Let me know what you think, and maybe I might post one of my covers 🙂
This is a one off by the way… anywho hope y’all have a bless night!
– Peace, Love & Kandiiness
…the girl on a mission…


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