Hey there, so this is something i would wear to church like to a youth day or something, again simple but bold! The block colours help with that, blue & mustard go together just like dustpan & brush! Okay so maybe that wasn’t the cleanest example but you know what i mean? Basically dont be afraid of blocking colours even if you think it would be a crime to put them together, hehe… Im going to put a colour wheel down below so you can see what the complimentary colours are πŸ™‚
The Little Black Dress: So really it isn’t that little a couple inches above the knee, but the cut of the dress is sophisticated yet attractive at the same time πŸ˜‰
Shoes: You could wear stilettos with this but you wouldn’t get the same affect with the colours. To be honest the shoes set the tone with the outfit, the clothes and accessories are to go with the shoes – this sometimes can be a risk because you can accessorize to much or the outfit can be too busy for the shoes, but your okay with this because its so simple but effective. πŸ™‚
Bag: Since its a simple dress you do need a bit of colour and difference in there, this bag brings that. It brings out the white in the shoes and it has a bit of icy effect… Because its a clutch it keeps it sophisticated and quite professional, i guess you could wear this to work also πŸ™‚
Necklace: Again we have a bold necklace, you know how i feel about those so i don’t really need to say anything, hehe…
Hairstyle: So this is the first time i’ve put a hairstyle in, but i wanted to give you the whole image so yeah, i would you your hair like this to enhance the sophisticated look πŸ™‚
So tell me what you think and how you would do your hair… πŸ™‚
I shall tap in later guys,

So this is a pretty wheel, but you can see what the complimentary colours are.
but obviously blue goes with yellow as well, so you just have to experiment, but make sure you dont go overboard πŸ™‚
Peace, Love & Kandiiness
…the girl on a mission…

Peace, Love & Kandiiness

…the girl on a mission…

Preen babydoll

SERPUI MARIE hard clutch

Chanel fragrance


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