Work’s Fashionista

Work's Fashionista

I LOVE this peach colour, i think its beautiful! Now this is a simple outfit but it can also turn heads, as long as you have the right accessories you will be fine! This is perfect for work and maybe a night out at a restaurant? Whatever you wish really… These trousers are a bit long for the boots so i would roll them up a bit more, but it would look nice just as it is, i just think it would enhance the look a bit better if you turned up it a couple… Actually these trousers are quite a vintage style and you can also wear them to the beach with some sandals, they are quite a hmmm universal item? Now here we have the top-buttoned collared shirt & bold necklace again; As you can see it will work with any type of shirt as long as the top button is done up, hehe… A clutch bag is ALWAYS a good thing to have, you can use it in a casual sense, catwalk, work, even on a girls night out! I think it goes well with this outfit, but tell me what you think?

Peace, Love & Kandiiness

…the girl on a mission…

Collared shirt

Harem pants

Charlotte Russe high heels

Envelope clutch

Coral necklace


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