Ayeeee… So this Army look is quite trendy right now, and personally I love it! Again i have backpacks, but you see why i like them? They are just so useful and so stylish at the same time! 🙂 I j’adore this jacket, you don’t even have to pay big moneys for one! you can probably find one in your local charity shop, and then you can get the studs from the market and put them on your self and honestly its really not that hard to do and it doesn’t take up a lot of your time, which is good 🙂 Now onto the subject of tutu’s: I really like them, but maybe thats just me? To be honest i have liked them for a while but recently i’ve been seeing more and more people wearing them and not just to a fancy dress party hehe… They can be quite fashionalbe when they want to be you just have to get the right one! or you can make your own, i decided to make a white one, you can see how it turned out at the bottom. Onto bralets, these are tricky sometimes i think they can look a bit tacky but i really like this one, its not too short and the drum pattern is kinda cool, but yes do be careful when buying them because sometimes they can look more like lingerie than a fashion statement. SHOESSS, lol… to be honest you could wear any type of shoes with these including the ones in here; dollys, wedges, stilettos even coverses or pastrys! As long as they are the right colour you will be fine, however these are the shoes i like the most with them, the stiletto-heeled boot simple because it does have a kind of army edge to it, but just a bit more fashionable and you could wear them out as well. the boots well they are pretty normal but i do like the fabric on the turn over its pretty snazzy and gives it that little bit of originality 🙂 Hats: this felt hat with a grosgrain band around the brim goes well with a tutu and well with the outfit, if you wear your hair down it doesnt have to be straight because it looks good with curls or waves even kinks! Just as long as its down your good to go bud! Snapbacks! Well i love snapbacks anyway but if you studded this one it would look so cool its cray cray! Haha, on a real though i know i say this a lot but snapbacks are a really good accessory to have! Whether its plain or patterend HAVE ONE! 🙂
Anyway, this is my opinion, tell me what you think?
Tap in later guys,
Peace, Love & Kandiiness

…the girl on a mission…

So, lighting is really bad i look about 50 shades darker than i am, but it doesnt matter because this is the tutu i was talking about, its a bit full but i can alter it, what do you think?
Peace, Love & Kandiiness
…the girl on a mission…

Printed shirt

Military jacket

Creeper shoes

Cuffed boots

Steve Mono leather backpack
$480 –

Snap hat

H M brimmed hat
$13 –

Military hat

Girl’s black tutu skirt
$11 –


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