Back To School…

Back To School...

Purple & Orange are two of my favorite colours! Personally i think they go well together, well here anyways… I really like a good skater skirt and this one is perfect! You could wear it on a night out or as shown here as a casual skirt. ūüôā Its always good to have a blazer in the closet and i LOVE this one, the turn-ups are a snazzy change and because its not full length it has a bit of youth in it? Backpacks are a must-have for me! The amount of them i have in my closet is ridiculous, haha.. Some people think that they are a bit to boyish but if you wear it in the right way they can be quite girly! Socks and boots are quite a vintage thing but they really do go well together, just a normal pair of socks will do and boots they dont even have to be heels although i do prefer them. These type od sh-boots are very in right now, you can find them everywhere, and in any style! Patterned ones, studded ones, country flag ones but these orange plain leather ones are a good accessory to have. They go well with this chunky necklace also. The necklace does go well with a buttoned up shirt, doesnt have to be checked but i like the styling… A bow tie also goes well with a top buttoned shirt hence bow ties existence, LOL… Anywho, all together i think its a well put together outfit that i wouldnt mind wearing to college… What about you?

Love, Peace & Kandiiness

…the girl on a mission…

Vero Moda cropped jacket

Vero Moda cropped jacket

Alice Olivia leather skirt

Wolford opaque tight

Wolford hosiery

Cotton socks

Leather bag

Knapsack bag


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