Hey Guysss,Sorr…

Hey Guysss, Sorry i haven’t posted! Its been a busy couple days let me tell you that! ha! So anyways, i will be posting later… i wanted to do one on photography, so hopefully i will be able to post a picture! But untill then, Peace, Love & Kandiiness xxxx …the girl on a mission… […]

Back To School…

Back To School… by kandiimission featuring a leather skirt Purple & Orange are two of my favorite colours! Personally i think they go well together, well here anyways… I really like a good skater skirt and this one is perfect! You could wear it on a night out or as shown here as a casual […]

Little Sunflower

Ayeeee, so recently i was asked to create some lyrics for this intrumental. The song is called Little Sunflower and you can find it on youtube – heres the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_TV79E3k4k ^ thats just a cover of it, but its one of the shortest ones and I did the lyrics to last about 4 mins, well […]

Hello world!

Heyyy, what up world? So i’m new to this blogging thing but I figured i’m going to keep it real and just post what I feel… its probably going to be mostly fashion but I will have a few life experiences in there as well. 🙂 I this is also going to be like a […]